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Are you a web designer or web services developer who has customers that need hosting for things like web sites, email, blogs, e-commerce stores or otherwise? We want to work with you to establish a channel where you bring us customers whom you have created web sites for that need hosting. When you bring them to us and they create an account, we want to pay you back!

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We understand that as a web developer or web designer you create websites that are beautiful in design, easy to use and work great for business owners. The one area where many web designers and website owners get frustrated is in maintaining the website. It's like car buying, almost anyone can buy and drive a car, but when it comes to maintenance, it takes someone with the right skills and knowledge. Clients hire professional designers to create web-based masterpieces, because they don't know how to do it themselves. When the site is complete, it doesn't change the fact that business owners don't know how to edit page content or change their information. When they don't know how to take care of this, we find one of two results:

A. The designer gets trapped maintaining the website, either out of obligation or fear that if they don't, it could end up looking like a mess.

- or -

B. When the client is ready to update the site, they ask someone what they need to do it (or find it on their own with a search engine - not a form of true intelligence) and then they end up buying expensive software that they can only use on one or two computers, then they still don't know how to use these complex programs.

Solution: EDITStuff. It's web-based, works on almost any computer, easy to add to any web design, is fast, user-friendly and anyone who knows how to use word or e-mail can use it.

We are always looking to share it with new people, so if you'll help bring us new customers, we will pay you.

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